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Paul C. Taylor is the head of the Department of African American Studies and an Associate Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies. He writes on aesthetics, race theory, Africana philosophy, pragmatism, and social philosophy, and his current work focuses on the role of race-thinking in aesthetics and in development ethics. He directs the Program on Philosophy After Apartheid, which is part of the Rock’s initiative on the Critical Philosophy of Race.

Kathryn T. Gines, Ph.D. is assistant professor of philosophy at the Pennsylvania StateUniversity.  She is also the founding director of the Collegium of Black Women Philosophers (CBWP) and the director of Cultivating Underrepresented Students in Philosophers (CUSP).  Gines' primary research and teaching interests lie in Continental philosophy, Africana Philosophy, Black Feminist Philosophy, and Critical Philosophy of Race.  Major figures in her scholarship include Hannah Arendt, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Frantz Fanon, and Anna Julia Cooper.  Gines has published articles on race and racism, post-racialism, assimilation, gender, and sexuality.  Her publications have appeared in HypatiaJournal of Social Philosophy, Philosophia Africana, Sartre Studies InternationalSIGNS, and Southern Journal of Philosophy.  She recently co-edited an anthology titled Convergences: Black Feminism and Continental Philosophy (SUNY Press, 2010).

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