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G19: Association for Graduate-Level 19C Americanists

by Sarah Mesle last modified Sep 23, 2015 11:14 AM


In March of 2014, the Executive Committee of C19—with the support of Amherst College, Penn State’s Center for American Literary Studies, and UNC’s Dean of the Faculty’s Office—hosted the first graduate-student lunch and reception at C19’s third biannual conference, held at the University of North Carolina. Attended by more than 70 graduate students and featuring invited faculty speakers, the lunch helped graduate students in the C19 community connect with one another and share ideas toward building a graduate-student association for C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists.

We are now proud to announce “G19: the Association for Graduate-Level Nineteenth-Century Americanists.” G19 has two immediate goals:

  • 1.     To support the development and continued quality of C19 by offering G19 members opportunities to participate actively in the life of the organization.
  • 2.     To create a coherent community for all interested graduate students working in the field to reach one another and provide cross-institutional support.


If you are interested in being a part of the G19 community, you might start with our Facebook page or by joining the G19 listserv, which will invite communication about and for graduate-level scholars working in nineteenth-century American literature. You can use the list to ask questions, post information, or otherwise address this population.

To subscribe to the G19 listserv, email with “Subscribe” in the body of your message. (Please note: the email address that you use to subscribe is that only one that will be able to send and receive listserv emails). To send a message to the list email “" To remove yourself from the list email <>.

As the conference approaches, we will communicate via Facebook and our listserv about upcoming events at the conference (such as our lunch/reception, our Twitter “unpanel,” and our proposed business meeting). Any and all graduate students interested in serving on G19’s nascent Planning Committee are enthusiastically encouraged to express their interest to Erica Stevens at or Sarah Salter at

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