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Course Descriptions

Every Penn State student is required to take both a First-Year Writing (English 15, 30, or 137/138H) and an Advanced Writing in the Disciplines (English 202A, B, C, D, or H).

Basic writing courses, including ENGL 04, Basic Writing Skills and ENGL 05, Writing Tutorial, act to support students who seek more support than that provided in the First-Year Writing series.

First-year writing courses, which include English 15, English 30, and English/CAS 137/138 H, are designed to help students gain an understanding of rhetorical principles and their application to the reception and production of texts.

Taken during or after a student's junior year at PSU, these advanced courses, including 202A, B, C, D, and H, teach students how to apply rhetorical principles in disciplinary and community contexts.

In addition, the Program sponsors a number of more advanced courses for students who want to enhance their understanding of writing and rhetoric or who are working towards the Excellence in Communication Certificate, Rhetoric Minor, or Minor in Technical Writing.

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