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Like what you're doing in RCL? Want to find more ways to get involved on campus and in the community? Watch this page for additional resources and information about upcoming events that might appeal to RCL students.

1. Contemplate about the civic dimensions of public literary events at the 2nd annual Penn State Marathon Reading.

2. Like doing RCL TED talks? Check Out TEDx PSU


3. Bloggers, listen up: Contribute to the Penn State Rock Ethics Institute's Speak Up! Blog on the Theme "Being Penn State"

The Penn State Rock Ethics Institute invites contributions of all kinds to a new series of discussions that focus on values and the role they play in navigating the often challenging terrain of university life. “Being Penn State” will be a regular feature on our Speak Up blog (, providing students the opportunity to identify and weigh in on ethical issues from a variety of standpoints and through a variety of media. We would like to ‘hear’ your thoughts on topics such as:

•    The upsides and downsides of your undergraduate experience at Penn State
•    What it means for you personally to identify yourself with Penn State
•    The ethical challenges you face as you seek success in various arenas at Penn State and beyond
•    The kind of person you want to be when you leave Penn State
•    How you have coped with the kind of attention Penn State has received since last November

Your voices are vitally important to discussions concerning our ethical values and the challenges we all face in living out our commitments to these values.

If you have a blog post, short essay, short film, or some other presentation of your views that you would like to have considered for publication and discussion on Speak Up, please forward it to us at, with the subject line ‘Being Penn State’.   

If you think you might be interested in joining a team of undergraduate students working collaboratively to identify, catalogue, and comment on discussions of the Penn State scandal, please send a brief statement of interest to Mark Fisher (, with the subject line ‘Being Penn State’.         

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